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Introducing Brian and Abbie

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Brian and Abbie are the husband/wife team behind this website. Married in the nick of time, right before the first Covid-19 lockdown was imposed in March 2020, they have a tendency to do things unconventionally!

Now expecting their first new arrival (leaving the cats aside for once...!) they were inspired to create a tasteful and memorable care package for expectant and new mammies in Ireland, with each box carefully curated using only Irish suppliers. This not only leaves the recipient with assurance of a quality product, which they can easily get more of, if desired - it also ensures a better future for these young lives being brought into the world, as everything is local therefore cutting down transport and carbon footprint, plus all packaging is recyclable!

You'll get to know us more over time, particularly Abbie (already a veteran blogger in her own right) as we publish more updates here and share what is happening in the world of pregnancy, newborns, and motherhood!

Please let us know what you think of our site, and our product range. If you know a local producer (or if you are one!) who you think would be perfect to include in a Brabbie Box, please do let us know! We are always eager to showcase the best of homegrown business and represent quality Irish products here at home.

Cheers! Brian and Abbie

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